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The Hipster Epidemiology

june art show

Frog Hollow Gallery (East vancouver, British Columbia)



The Hipster Epidemiology

‘The Hipster Epidemiology’ was our first exhibition piece in Vancouver. It’s a piece that comments on Hipster culture in Vancouver and articulates our personal distaste for it. This was made undeniable clear to audience within the artist statement:

“First you take an obsolete object and re-purpose it. You then create a typographic logo with the closest font you can find to Helvetica, combined with a simple graphic, that’s been used by a million different people before. Lastly, to truly connect with your audience, you think of a word that describes their free independent spirits, even though they do not know the first thing about independence because they still live off their parents and pocket money... And there you have it... The focal point of the 21st Century Hipster’s living room.

That is the society that we currently live in, where it’s cool to be uncool, where you pretend like you don’t care about the way you look and the way you dress, even though we still run around grasping for peoples’ eyes, so that we can get the satisfaction of knowing that we cared the least. Our generation has no identity, we are self-indulgent coasters, who would rather make excuses and play the blame game instead of getting up at looking at ourselves in the mirror”.

The ‘Hipster Epidemiology’ was apart of the Frog Hollow Gallery's June Show and hung in their gallery space for the entire month of June.

Photos from the exhibition


Videos from the exhibition


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