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October art show

Frog Hollow Gallery (East vancouver, British Columbia)



Subscribe’ is another artwork similar to our first ‘Frog Hollow’ Exhibition that comments on Hipster culture in Vancouver and articulates our personal distaste for it. This was again made undeniable clear to audience within the artist statement:

“A gun pointed directly at your head, the skinny fingers of a vegan hipster delicately wrapped around the trigger, twitching, pulsating, ready to inject your head with this 'CENTER of the universe' bullshit. "Be like me", they shout, “SUBSCRIBE to our ideals”.

Before you have a chance to utter a rebuttal, the chamber explodes... Your head oozes bank notes, which uniformly pool in the gutter on the roadside, whilst a malnourished set of bones lay adjacent, sipping the ‘Kool-Aid’ whilst watching you slowly fade away”.  .

‘Subscribe’ was apart of the Frog Hollow Gallery's October Show and hung in their gallery space for the entire month of October.

Photos from the exhibition


VIDEOS from the exhibition


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